About Gymfinity & Beyond

Meet the board

The board consists of 4 members that can be elected from either discipline; Gymnastics or T&T.

  • At the top is a President who is ultimately responsible for the financial responsibilities of the corporation and is the custodian of the Gymfinity and Beyond Booster Club account. The President presides over all meetings. 

  • A treasurer who has custody of all funds acquired by the program disciplines, and manages all financial transactions, collects revenues, keeps records of receipts and disbursements, and provides reports to membership and at meetings. 

  • A Member-at-Large who coordinates social and team building events for the athletes of all disciplines. 

  • A Secretary who coordinates all communication between the Board, membership, athletes and coaches.
    Each discipline also elects; a Vice President who coordinates all fund raising efforts and operations.

  • The Total of 6 are joined by a representative of the Gymfinity business who does not having voting privileges.



The Direction of the Club

The Booster Club is working hard at building a cohesive bond between all disciplines within the Gymfinity community.  This includes providing elected representation of families on the Board, as well as sponsoring all club gatherings. 
The Booster Club is also always looking at ways to expand our athletes understanding of what it means to give back to the community by working with the local charitable groups. 
The booster club maintains that their mandate is to support our young athletes and help them grow into being well rounded people, mentally, emotionally, and socially as well as helping them develop into top level athletes.


The Current Board  Members

President: Shana Schwarz

Treasurer: Moraima Agosto

Member-At-Large: Malia King

Gymnastics Vice President: Melissa Angle

Gymnastics Secretary: Julie Pawola

T&T Vice President: Amy Coffey