Gymfinity And Beyond

A parent & Athlete Support Community

Gymfinity & Beyond



What is Gymfinity and Beyond?

The Gymfinity and Beyond Booster club is first and foremost a community of individuals, families and coaches that have joined together to help and support of the athletes at Gymfinity. They aspire to work alongside each other and meet several goals including; raising money to help fund the often high cost of gymnastics/TNT, coordinating annual team-building events and operating any Gymfinity team events or competitions. We would love to have you join us, please know you can definitely rely on any members in our “community” to help you fully understand the logistics of the Booster Club but contacting our Board of Directors is a great way to start.


What is Gymfinity?

Gymfinity is Dane county’s best and critically acclaimed gymnastics, tumbling and fitness for kids program. Their philosophy is that if we train hard for small goals that the larger goals will be achieved in time. Their training sessions are directed and efficient so that our kids have time outside the gym to still be kids. With that in mind, Gymfinity is usually among the top gyms in the state without having to sacrifice the things important to a child; family, school and friends.
Artistic Gymnastics at Gymfinity is a program for young girls to train for competition at local, state, regional and national levels.Girls on Gymfinity’s competitive teams shine from a balance of strength, flexibility, discipline, determination, support and friendship. They set goals, exceed expectations, and continue to be better people while enjoying something they love.
Tumble and Tramp (T&T) Team consists of 3 events: Tumbling, Trampoline, and Double-Mini-Trampoline. .Gymfinity has historically had State (in 2012 every team member held a state champion title on one of more events) and National champions. Gymfinity’s format is to build on to progressive successes until the child meets, and then exceeds their own potential.